।।।कठै एउटा ट्विट।।।

3 05 2016
कठै एउटा ट्विट,
फगत तथ्यमा उभिएको,
कठै एउटा ट्विट।
चुट्किला र उखान,
हाम्रो पि. एम.
कत्ति स्विट।
फगत तथ्यमा उभिएको,
कठै एउटा ट्विट।
ग्यास पेट्रोलको खुला
कालोबजारी  स्वीकारी,
छिमेकीलाई गाली गर्दै
राष्ट्रीयता पुकारी,
आहा, हामी ढीठ।
फगत तथ्यमा उभिएको,
कठै एउटा ट्विट।
पहुँचको याचना गर्दै,
मरून ती काला मर्स्या,
ती त भारतीय,
पि. एम. हाम्रै स्विट।
फगत तथ्यमा उभिएको,
कठै एउटा ट्विट।
नेता सबै चोरैचोर
भन्दै हामी बेचौ
भूकम्पको मिठो गित।
फगत तथ्यमा उभिएको,
कठै एउटा ट्विट।


10 01 2016



हो हामी पृथ्वी नारायणका सन्तान,
सबैको नाक काटी काटी बिजयउत्सव मनाउनुपर्छ।
हो हामी पृथ्वी नारायणका सन्तान,
छल र कपट सिकी यो देशलाई एकै मालामा गांस्नुपर्छ।
हो हामी पृथ्वी नारायणका सन्तान,
४ जात ३६ वर्ण मानेर एकैठाउ छुवाछुत गरी बस्नुपर्छ।
हो हामी पृथ्वी नारायणका सन्तान,
अरुको उत्सवमा बलिदान र मलामीमा सलामी चढाउनुपर्छ।
हो हामी पृथ्वी नारायणका सन्तान,
ढाका टोपिलाई शिर्बन्दी मान्दै, धोतीलाई बाटोमा घिसारी,
राष्ट्रियताका नारा घन्काउनुपर्छ।।
हो हामी पृथ्वी नारायणका सन्तान,
हामीभन्दा फरक बिचारलाई देशद्रोही मान्दै
“हामी सबै एक हौ!” भनेर चिच्याउँदै
“हामी सबै एक हौ!” भनेर चिच्याउँदै
अरु सबै स्वर दबाउनुपर्छ,
अरु सबै स्वर दबाउनुपर्छ।।।

Catching dreams 101

8 03 2011

For I want to fly

in a clear yellow sky.

cause the sun

would be setting by then,

so the moon can rise.

I would lie

in soft red clouds;

float and drift

across the mountains

across the seas

across the rivers

to catch my dreams

as my dreams

all fly beyond my reach

to the castles

built in clouds

somewhere far

somewhere far.

The new end is start…

23 08 2009

I am starting next phase of life.

I have struggled here for last 4 years. I learned how to take care of myself. All the years before I had been taken care of, and in last 4 years I learned how difficult their job was.

I have made memories here, good ones, bad ones; happy ones, sad ones; hot ones, cold ones. All kind of memories I can think of. I have drowned in Belgian beers. I had swam on in life; life has swam over me. I feel lucky that this city provided me home away from home. To be exact about my feeling of this city, last time I came back from Nepal, all I felt homesick was on the way. As soon as I reached my apartment here, I was home again. It was such an amazing revelation. I am happy I lived here for 4 amazing years.

I have made friends here; I have lost friends.  I had missed friends and family; and my friends become my family here. Now I ll miss my family; and I will miss my friends.

I started as a student here, I am ending my life here as a university staff; but again that is not end of it. I am again starting as a student. I think the cycle goes on. I have become student for life; I will be forever.

I learned few words, I forgot some.

I ended a love story, I started one.

It is not the end of journey anymore, it is start of one.

Push Play…

14 05 2009

As a budding flower blooming
layer by layer, petal by petal,
the vanished dream unfolded
frame by frame, scene by scene!

As the twilight casting through
the shady lanes, ray by ray,
the flimsy actors emerged
role by role, phase by phase!

Same cast, but different roles,
they acted in a striking glare;
the scenes shifted slowly
page by page, day by days.

The actors vanished in silence,
twilight faded, shade by shade,
the dry flower flew through air,
petal by petal, layer by layer.

Walk this way.

24 10 2008

Around the corner I turned back to see where we came from, we had left the place far behind, just like the memories.

“Where to?” I asked.

“Nowhere!” She answered.

I just walked along with her. I had no destination, that day, or maybe any other day. I just liked to take walks. Walks that defined nothingness yet had everything in it. We just walked and walked.

“Where do you guess we will be in five years from now, exactly at this time?” I asked. I just wanted to make a conversation. Read the rest of this entry »

When the life strikes…

20 07 2007

A stab here,
and a scratch there!!
A guilt here and
a sorrow there;
But still I stand tall
without preservations,
I am drunk too,
but without drinking!!
drunk to the senses,
with the trickled
drops of the
metaphor called life…
A search for
the passion
the faith
the senses;
so I can feel again
the touch,
the smiles and
the grieving heart!
For now
I don’t feel
I don’t see
I don’t hear
I stand here
without drinking!!
and this is how
life strikes for me!!